About - Anne Sterck

Artist's Statement

Remember when you were little and you'd hear the words… "Once upon a time?" Or "Happily ever after?" These were part of your childhood enchantments, your dreams your imaginings. In my pictures I try to revive, recollect, reignite and integrate ethereal mysteries and ever-present magic into something tangible. I have sensed ‘ghosts’ on occasion and been party to experiences too impossible to be coincidences. I have been gifted with help and guidance from what I can only call ‘other worldly’ sources. Because I am blessed – unlike many women – with the freedom to use my talents, I feel a deep responsibility to express myself. Let's take a present-day magic carpet ride of mystical adventure and inner vision. Let's bring the joy and learning of old stories to life, like golden threads spun of dreams. My work encourages those able to think their own thoughts, walk their own path and see the things that control their lives for what they are. Lets challenge assumptions and offer the hand of kindness to those who walk to a different drum.


Anne Sterck is originally from the Isle of Wight in the UK and has spent most of her life involved with photography, inspired from a young age by her aunt, a successful news photographer, into the alchemy of the darkroom and the possibilities of the camera. Professional photographic work with government organizations followed, as did a spell in colour processing, a skill she uses now to travel from inspiration to image generation to limited edition print. In the early days of the Julia Margaret Cameron Trust, Anne was a board member, photographing well-known guest photographers who offered their support to the Trust and the many exhibitions of their work in its Gallery space. Anne has an insatiable interest in the esoteric and in people's inner workings, an interest expanded by her friendship with a Shaman and by personal study. Her professional qualifications as a hypnotherapist and teacher have added an extra dimension to her photographic inspiration. More recently she discovered how to unify her intangible experiences into a body of work that explores the less visible, departing from the more mundane forensic style of photography. Her work is characterised by the way it takes the viewer to another world. This allows flashes of meaning and raises questions within the image, stirring the imagination and wonderings, recalling ancient stories and universal archetypes.

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